Paul speaks about the wisdom we find in Christ, especially contrasted with the folly of the hollow mindsets which this world promotes. #raisedwithjesu...View Details

Paul makes specific application from the bodily reality of Jesus Christ to the life which we now live in Christ.   #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesu...View Details

Paul speaks about the divine & human reality of Jesus: God from eternity, who shed his blood on the cross. #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesusfort...View Details

A look at the parable of the shrewd manager, focusing on the grace of God which inspires Godly innocence & shrewdness. #raisedwithjesus #welstoled...View Details

Presentation on the dangers of revivalism, pietism, and mysticism by LCMS Pastor & Author, Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller. Audio from Youtube: https://yo...View Details

Paul talks about the hope we have in Christ - which creates faith and inspires love & Godly action in this world. #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #je...View Details

Paul concludes this joyful letter with a statement of contentment that seems impossible - were it not for the phrase, "through Christ..."  But that's...View Details

Paul concludes his exhortations to the congregation - and then turns his attention to specific cases that he'd like to speak to.  We're reminded that...View Details

Week 1 of ALONE: Faith.  Jesus speaks to the real holiness which is given through faith, not through external human judgment.  The Son of God came t...View Details

Show Notes Click here to find a nearby congregation or church home.   Resurrection - Maumee: Worship on Wednesdays at 7 PM &...View Details

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