Final midweek Lenten sermon looking at the discussion between Jesus & Pilate - and what it means for us today.  Tune in, share with a friend! #rai...View Details

Paul hears that the Galatians are being tricked - and it's a dangerous trick!  What do we learn about faith, works, and prayer?  Download today! #rais...View Details

Spiritual reality meets visible experience.  Who wins?  Tune in today! #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesusfortoledo @breadforbeggars All our links can...View Details

Sermon from the first Sunday in Lent, based on Romans 5:12-18 – 12 So then, just as sin entered the world through one man and death through sin, so al...View Details

Paul concluded chapter 4 by saying that the resurrection of Jesus means justification.  But what does that mean for our lives?  And how is that justif...View Details

Paul methodically explains law & gospel.  What does he say for us today?  What do we learn about God's grace?  Listen today! #raisedwithjesus #wel...View Details

Sermon from this past Sunday, focusing on the words & works of Jesus in John 11: Now a certain man named Lazarus was sick. He was from Bethany, th...View Details

Paul's third missionary journey - and growing pains within the Christian Church.  What does God teach us today?  Tune in! One-stanza hymn, set to the ...View Details

Paul's second missionary journey.  What do we learn from his example?  How does Jesus encourage us?  Listen today! Paul's Second Missionary Journey ma...View Details

What does the Jerusalem council teach us about freedom & love?  Tune in today! #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesusfortoledo @breadforbeggars All o...View Details

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