Audio recording from Grace Lutheran Church (Downtown Milwaukee WI).  Pastor James Huebner leads a study of Prof. Daniel Deutschlander's book "Grace Ab...View Details

Audio recording of our Zoom Bible class on Mark 10.  What do we learn about marriage, divorce, and greatness?  Tune in today! #raisedwithjesus #welsto...View Details

Audio recording from Zoom Bible class on Hebrews 3. #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesusfortoledo All our links can be found here: Details

Paul concludes his first letter to Timothy by talking about the focus of the Christian life.  What do we learn about Jesus, the law, and "Christian Pr...View Details

Paul writes to young Pastor Timothy with strong encouragement for vocational priority.  What does that mean?!  Tune in today! #raisedwithjesus #welsto...View Details

Bible class recording on the final two letters of Revelation 3, from 19 April 2020.  What do we learn about church?  Listen today! #raisedwithjesus #w...View Details

Sermon from the second Sunday of Easter - the appearances of Christ in the upper room, John 20. #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesusfortoledo All our l...View Details

Audio recording of Sunday morning Bible class from April 12, 2020 - looking at Revelation 2. #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesusfortoledo @breadforbeg...View Details

Easter Sunday sermon from Rev. Aaron Christie, currently serving at Trinity Lutheran (WELS) of Waukesha, WI. Audio from Youtube: Details

Class: Mark 9 (17Apr2020)

Audio recording from our April 17 Zoom/Facebook/Youtube class on Mark 9.  What do we learn about the Christian & the cross?  Tune in today! #raise...View Details

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