EPISODE 500!  We pause with David to meditate on God's spiritual blessings (Psalm 103) and God's providence of this world (Psalm 104).  Thanks for sha...View Details

Audio from the January 2020 WELS Lutheran Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL.   Presenter: Rev. Donn Dobberstein Topic: High Expectations for Church...View Details

Psalm 51, written shortly after the prophet Nathan spoke to David about his adultery & murder.  What does God teach us about repentance, guilt, an...View Details

As the world pauses to celebrate Valentine's Day - we take a closer look at three Psalms which give us a glimpse into God's heart.  What do we learn a...View Details

God's people have turned their backs on, and they have been worshipping false gods for a long time - nearly 200 years!  What does the destruction of J...View Details

It's 150 years after King David, and the nation is in shambles!  King Ahab is king in the north, and Israel is worshipping Baal.  How will God use Eli...View Details

King Solomon leads the worship service for the dedication of God's Temple.  What does God teach us about faithfulness here?  Listen today! #raisedwith...View Details

David has handed the throne over to his son Solomon - yet David's enemies still want to revolt!  What will King Solomon do?  How will God preserve the...View Details

In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war . . . King David stays home.  What do we learn about temptation & God's call to repentance?  T...View Details

Sunday morning sermon from retired Prof. John Brug, talking about the certainty of the Word of God. #raisedwithjesus #welstoledo #jesusfortoledo @brea...View Details

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