Your church has a Facebook page. Not much is being posted on it. There’s almost no engagement with members or the community.

You have a YouTube page. It only has videos of your church services. Almost no one is watching them.

It can be frustrating. You know that social media has changed the way people receive information. So, your congregation is trying to use the platforms available. Yet, they do not seem to be getting any traction. You wonder if the effort is worth it.

If your congregation has established social media accounts but don’t know what to do with them, “Four Ways to Reach More People Through Social Media” is a breakout to attend. This session is designed to help you identify and fill the holes in your social media accounts to increase engagement, create excitement, and make sure the time spent on social is worth it. Case studies and real-world application will make potential pitfalls clear and will help you learn how to elevate your social media efforts to reach more people with God’s Word.


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